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The exceptional Maggie Chowder
My day with Gong Gong
Lights, camera, danger!
The legend awakens
The candy mafia
Rise of the Slugs
The Mouse Watch
Sofia Valdez and the vanishing vote
Some pigtails
Unexpected super spy
Rabbit & Bear : a bite in the night
Iggy is better than ever
Ghoulia. Book 3, Ghoulia and the ghost with no name
The cloud race
Kondo & Kezumi visit Giant Island
The puzzling paintings
Willa the wisp
A picture of love
Little cruelties
Cobble Hill
Chasing Lucky
Kristy and the snobs
Pocahontas leads the way
The Ickabog
Darkness within
The explorer
Rebel in the Library of Ever
Flooded : requiem for Johnstown
Curse of the mystery mutt
Murder in old Bombay
White ivy
After all I
Rebel sisters
The missing prince
Here the whole time
Master of one
Super fake love song
The great escape
Peril at Owl Park
Crossing the Black Ice Bridge
Heroes level up
Closer to nowhere
They threw us away
Friend me
The balled of Tubs Marshfield
Anya and the nightingale